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Crouch Granddaughter Wins $2 Million Suit Against TBN

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TBN logoby Matt Stevens, The New York Times

Carra Crouch was only 13 when she boarded a private plane for a trip to Georgia. The few days she would spend there in April 2006 were among the most important of the year for her famous family.

Ms. Crouch’s grandparents, Paul and Janice, had amassed a fortune preaching the “gospel of prosperity” to millions of viewers around the world. Their pulpit? A behemoth broadcasting network that the couple had built before Carra was born.

Ms. Crouch was to be a guest at a telethon for the Trinity Broadcasting Network. But according to a lawsuit she filed against the network, her trip quickly took a dark turn. The teenager was molested and raped in her hotel room by a 30-year-old network employee, according to the suit. And when she later told her grandmother what had happened, Ms. Crouch claimed, the congenial co-host of “Praise the Lord” screamed at her and blamed her for the sexual assault.

On Monday, a jury in Orange County, Calif., found after a month long trial that Jan Crouch’s handling of the ordeal amounted to “outrageous” conduct that had caused her granddaughter to suffer “severe emotional distress.” They awarded Carra Crouch, now 24, $2 million in damages for past and future “mental suffering.”

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