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Danny Steyne Says to Persevere

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Danny Steyneby Steve & Sheryl Eastman,

This article originally appeared after a meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina in February, 2009.  Some things have changed since then.  For example, Danny Steyne is now based in New England instead of South Carolina.  But the spiritual importance of what happened that evening is timeless.

“All creation is not waiting for heaven, it’s waiting for you to manifest it.” Danny Steyne

One of the first things that strikes you about Danny Steyne is his joy. Laughter seems to come easily to him. But when he came to Raleigh, North Carolina on Friday, February 20, 2009 it was with a purpose. It had been a year since his last visit to a crowded room with hungry hearts. He left behind what developed into a home group. On Danny’s return visit, the message was: “God is going to teach you perseverance. He will have you go and go and go.” Or as he also put it, “God wants you to plant verbs, not nouns.”

But incessant activity is not what Danny is all about. He also spent time on the carpet at the recent Raleigh service utterly unselfconscious, his head nodding up and down in prayer. A microphone lay beside him. He felt no compulsion to use it at the time. God had other plans for that part of the service. The initial praise and worship lasted an hour and a half. We hear that sometimes in Columbia, South Carolina, where Danny’s Mountain of Worship (MOW) ministry is located, it lasts hours longer with little or no preaching.



Music ebbed and flowwed

The music ebbed and flowed. As individuals experienced personal time with God, they were somehow coordinated like the cells of a body.

Celeste Cash is a worship leader for Mountain of Worship in Columbia, South Carolina. And she was there in the service Friday night in Raleigh to lead the singing and the praise and the worship. She has a unique voice that carries an anointing from God all on its own. However, it was obvious from the beginning of the service that she was not the one leading the worship. She was singing and playing the keyboard, but the Holy Spirit was clearly the One in charge. He ordered the service. He led the worship.

To give you a good example of this, I sat in awe as I watched and participated in the second song. We were all reading the words as they were projected on screen. But as we sang through the words one time, we all knew that was not enough. We sang through a second time … nothing extraordinary in this, you may say. The words of the song so eloquently spoke of God’s love for us; Celeste had obviously penned them after hearing from the very heart of God. But the most amazing phenomenon took place after Celeste led the audience in several verses and several choruses. She paused from singing while the instrumentalists continued to play. She didn’t know how to continue without direction from God. So she did nothing but play the keyboard. It was when she stopped singing and leading the group that the Holy Spirit took over. He directed the exact words that needed to be sung. We all just knew. We all simultaneously sang the words that He directed, and those on the worship team knew exactly how to play the instruments accordingly. We began the Spirit-led worship by singing:

Never known a love

Never known a love

Never known a love like this before

Never known a love

Never known a love

Never known a love like this.


Celeste never led the singing for the rest of the song. But she was a very willing participant in His leading.

We were raptured that night – caught up in the very presence of God as we allowed Him to lead us and minister to us. And none were left behind!



There’s one more thing you need to know about Danny Steyne. It has to do with a statement at his recent service in Raleigh: “Perseverance is usually advocated by those who have persevered.” Danny earned his right to speak on perseverance after his two daughters were kidnapped. This is one of the things we discussed as the meeting was winding down.

Steve:  Tonight you were talking about how God wants us to plant verbs, not nouns. Could you explain that?

Danny: I’ve been a church planter. I’ve planted many churches, but when He said, “I want you to plant a verb, everything changed. Basically a noun means you invite people in. You have to be the place where it’s going to happen. A verb is creating activity of Heaven. It’s not something where you can just say it ends here and that we are all about it. In fact, it is just a beginning place. We’re stirring people up. We’re stirring up the gifts. We’re releasing them to go. We want them to go “infect” everything.

There are several things He gave us. He told us that we would be a verb. He told us that we would be an infection. And then He said that we would release a “pandemic” of His love. These are all seemingly negative terms, but he was trying to help us understand that what He has us doing is intended to be very intense. One of the things He told us in regard to the whole infection thing and the verb thing is that those who will resist it the most are those who have been inoculated. They have received just enough of the disease in order to not receive the whole thing.

Sheryl: I’m an English teacher. I want to comment on what God said: to concentrate on verbs. You see, a noun is an object, but a verb is an action word. So, it would only be natural that God would say, “OK. I want you to go into action. I don’t want you to be a person or a place or a thing or an idea. I want you to be going and acting and doing.”

Danny: Well, that’s the Kingdom. And the church has turned the Kingdom into a noun. We have turned movements into nouns. Even revivals become nouns. It’s almost like you have to experience this, if it’s going to be legitimate. No, what you need to experience is the fullness of the Holy Spirit rushing through your life, and that can happen anywhere in the earth.

When people begin to grasp that the Kingdom has nothing to do with a noun, it has to do with a verb, a much greater release happens in their lives. If you release the Kingdom as a verb, it also gives them permission to do all the Kingdom activity.

I’m often in churches where certain people are on the ministry team. They’ve been released to minister. In our conferences, we also release people (“laity”) to minister. We do have training, but we will often have those we work with for a while, grab somebody who hasn’t done anything and say, “Come with me.” And they’re immediately training and releasing because they understand the purpose is not that we come. The purpose is that we release, we equip, we do. And that’s the verb.

Steve: You spoke about church officials who just like to gather the people in and never really have anything beyond that. Mountain of Worship also meets every week. The major difference is that you try to motivate the people to invade the world?

Danny: There are several Mountains of Worship now. They’re just local expressions of a verb. That’s what we call them. In Columbia, South Carolina, my home base, we have something that we call “The Merge,” which is basically a merging of a number of ministries that come and flow together.

Steve: So that would include churches and parachurches?

Danny: It’s just different people in different ministries. Some of them are involved in churches on Sunday. Some are not; we are kind of their local place. Some are very involved. They go, and there has been a great infection released through the region as a result of that.

Steve: What kind of infection? Would that be hospital visits or talking to people at work?

Danny: There’s been a lot of evangelistic stuff, a lot of power stuff. But also many of the local churches have transformed. Several of our worship leaders from MOW are actually involved in other churches doing worship, infecting it. Our worship is quite radical. So there’s that aspect of it, plus also just seeing people ministering. We’ll go to another local church and realize they’re ministering to one another very similarly to how we do at The Merge.

We kind of ruined it for some guys because it was almost like their people were so much moving in things, they would ask them what they were doing? Then the people would say they were just releasing ministry. Sometimes the leaders actually have to catch up to the people.

Sheryl: You were talking about how there are people in Columbia, in your church, who actually go to other churches. That to me is the epitome of unity, the unity that God talks about. Did that come to you? Did you see that modeled somewhere?

Danny: I didn’t try to do this. I really didn’t. I was pastoring for a number of years, several different churches. I planted churches. In 2003, I basically just became disgusted with the church.

Steve: That was when you were leaving Ahoskie, North Carolina?

Danny: Yes and I was just disgusted with doing church. I really was. That’s just truthful. The issue was not people; it was me. It was really something really going on in my heart. And I reached what I call a holy frustration. I went to a meeting with Heidi and then Rolland and Heidi (Baker) and then began hearing some of the stuff that was happening and thought, “What am I doing?” I ended up in Toronto and Randy Clark just said to me, “Danny, God is going to give you another chance.” I said, “What are you talk about?”

I had no clue, but over the next period of two months God showed me it was the simplicity, the early Danny, the early going out into the streets, just listening to God, doing what He was telling me to do, that He was going to give me a second chance. He was going to restore to me. That’s when he said He wanted me to move to Columbia. It was a very supernatural event. I got a phone call from a major prophet within five days of the Lord speaking that. He said, “It’s time for you to go to back to Columbia and see this thing happen.” And so we moved there New Year’s Eve 2003, going into 2004.

Sheryl: You had lived there before?

Danny: I had lived there before, but I didn’t really have equity. As a result of the breaking I went through when I lived there before, most of those people wouldn’t come back. And that’s fine because I wasn’t trying to do it. I probably have, I think there’s three, that were part of the original church I planted there years before. All the rest are fresh folk.

Steve: I noticed as the service was just beginning, sometimes you were kneeling, you ran up front to play the drums for a little while, then you were prostrate on the floor. It was evident something big was going on between you and God. A lot of us want to have time for intimacy with God, but we have full-time jobs. We’re doing other things. It sounds like you have a pretty busy schedule. How do you maintain this intimacy when you’re on the road so much?

Danny: I think intimacy is related to relationship and not to a location. Most people have related intimacy to a location like a closet or a room.   But in fact, intimacy is something we can have inside of us. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the alone times, because I do. But the reality is we can have intimacy at all times.

That’s what Paul said, “I pray more than all of you.” He was extremely busy. He was on the road all the time. My conversation with God doesn’t end. I’m involved in talking and visions. I’ll have open visions when I’m speaking with people and being interviewed. There are things the Lord will say to me in the midst of those situations because my communion with Heaven is not separate. I am eternal being. In fact, I’m in the midst of writing a book right now. The subtitle, I won’t tell you the title yet, is “I live in Heaven. I only work on earth.”

Steve: The other thing you were talking about tonight was perseverance. Do you mean persecution is coming, just keep going? Or the Christian life is not always a glamorous kind of life, just keep at it?

Danny: Exactly. I learned it, actually, when my daughters were taken in ‘99. For six years I thought they were coming back, and for six years I held onto that hope. A week after they were taken, I was sure they were coming back. I had a passage out of Jeremiah that they were coming back. Well, it took a lot longer than I thought.

Through that process the Lord taught me that being able to embrace that period of time, being able to embrace the pain of that time, was in fact the heart of God for me. That it was not that the enemy intended it for evil, but God intended it for good.

So perseverance actually looks to the end and lives through whatever is happening, based upon the end and not based upon the condition of the now. He sees in me, in those events, the wounds of Jesus. I was able to receive incredible wisdom as a result of walking through what I walked through. And that’s what He saw. It was a final result. But perseverance takes us from the point where we are to that point.


© 2009, re-posted with permission

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