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Dark Secret Behind Humanitarian Aid Exposed

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Target Africaby Jonathon Van Maren,

For the first few months that I dated my now-wife, she was living in Africa, where for a half-decade she spent a good portion of every year. She worked with a  non-profit for street kids near Arusha, Tanzania, and over hundreds of pages of emails she tried to explain to me what African culture is like. “Tanzanians are all about hospitality and making you feel welcome,” she wrote. “Even if it’s the last piece of bread in the house, they will insist you have it. You are their guest, they are honoured to have you there, and you must eat.” And: “One of my favorite things about this country is the open acknowledgement that God exists and He really is almighty. I know they don’t always follow it, but it’s hard to run from it when it confronts you every 13 seconds. On the dallas (vans): ‘God is Omnipotent.’ On the semis: ‘Thank God every day.’ On the buildings: ‘Jehovah is Great Supermarket.’ On the pikipikis (motorcycles): ‘God will protect you.’”

It was Charmaine’s attempts to explain African culture that came to my mind when I began to read Nigerian pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha’s new book, Target Africa: Ideological Neo-Colonialism in the Twenty-First Century.

Ekeocha, who is an internationally acclaimed pro-life speaker as well as a bio-medical scientist in haematology working in the United Kingdom, has penned one of those books that we will look back on decades in the future and point to as a watershed moment—the moment when a young African woman, the youngest of six children, decided to tell the Western elites how truly offensive, paternalistic, and neo-colonial their so-called humanitarian adventures in Africa really are.

Ekeocha’s riveting appearance on the BBC, when she demanded of a rather shocked white broadcaster how she dared to presume to know what African women needed, was Ekeocha speaking for millions of women that currently serve as a social experiment in mass sterilization for Western nations.

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