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Did Denver Police Use Flamethrowers to Clear Away Homeless?

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Flamethrowerby John Vibes, The Free Thought Project

Last week, residents and local activists held a rally outside of the Denver City and County Building to protest the ongoing mistreatment of the city’s homeless population. Attorneys for homeless victims say city officials used flamethrowers to clear people from the streets, and then proceeded to have a barbeque as the hungry victims watched. It was also reported that their property was either stolen or set on fire.

In court, attorney Jason Flores-Williams stated, “Denver officials began burning plaintiff class members remaining property with flamethrowers. Afterwards, they held a BBQ at the site as the homeless individuals they had just forcefully evicted looked on.”

As expected, representatives of the city have denied these allegations, and released a statement calling the claims “absurd.” The city is also attempting to avoid a trial through summary judgment.

The statement read, “The city also plans to file a motion for summary judgment. It will be up to the court to determine what the evidence shows and whether either side is entitled to judgment without a trial. While facts will be determined by the court, it is absurd to suggest that the city used flamethrowers against any individual experiencing homeless.”

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