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Doctor Who Was Victim of Medical Kidnapping Goes Public

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Dr. Kimberly Foster family

Dr. Kimberly Foster and her family

by Dr. Kimberly Foster, Medical Kidnap

Some of you may be wondering why I’ve been posting so much about CPS (Child Protective Services) and the foster care system in the last couple of years.

Well, I’ve been inspired by the Dr. Cox story that came out just recently in the news (the ER physician who had his children taken away by CPS) and I’m going to open up about what happened to me 6 years ago.

In other words, I’m ready to come out of the CPS closet. I was previously embarrassed to admit that I had a blind spot, that I was naive and vulnerable and fell for their trap because I didn’t know any better.

Being part of a privileged class, I didn’t know anything about CPS, I just thought like most people they went after “bad parents” and “saved” children.

I feel now is the time to put all that aside and share publicly. I could write a book if I included all their corrupt actions against our family, but I will try to keep it as brief as possible and stick to the main points.

Here goes nothing: A person known to our family inflicted a ¼ centimeter bruise (according to the medical report) on my son.

Being a concerned mother wanting to protect my son, and also acting on my legal duty as a naturopathic physician, I made a report to CPS about the incident.

I thought I was doing the right thing: what I was trained in medical school to do.

But it was the biggest mistake of my life, and it has changed me forever.

Soon afterwards, CPS started making accusations against me which they used to take my son and daughter away from me. They said I wasn’t aware of the potential risk of the person who caused the injury (umm, excuse me, I made the report. I’m pretty sure I’m aware of the risk).

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