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Driverless Car May Be Coming Your Way Soon

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Driverless car

Credit: Scott Beale,

by Ryan Hagemann, Watchdog Arena

In 1908 the Ford Model T, the world’s first relatively accessible and affordable automobile, made its inaugural appearance on American roads. Now, a little over a century later, we find ourselves taking yet another quantum leap forward in transportation technology: the autonomous vehicle (AV), or driverless car.

This technology has been evolving steadily over the past few decades, and in some cases has been semi-integrated into the features of cars already on the roadways. But it has only been in recent years that a variety of major technology firms and automobile manufacturers have really become focused on producing the first commercially viable AV. And now, the crowd seems to be joined by a new entrant to the market.

Apple is now the most recent player to throw its hat into the driverless car tech space. Recent stories have highlighted how the tech giant has been in talks with the GoMentum Station testing facility near San Francisco to use its facilities (a 2,100 acre former naval base that houses 20 miles of paved highways and streets) for testing purposes.

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