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Elderly George Soros Dumps His Fortune into War on America

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George Sorosby Alex Newman, The New American

Billionaire globalist George Soros (shown) has transferred the bulk of his wealth — almost $18 billion — to his Open Society Foundations, a sprawling global network of entities and front groups pushing everything from globalism and Big Government to abortion, racial hatred, radical politicians, nationalized police, Hillary Clinton, mass Islamic migration, illegal war, and open borders. Some analysts have suggested that the massive transfer of funds was a scheme to avoid the estate tax. However, the deeply controversial extremist and self-styled “god,” now 87-years old, is also reported to be laying the foundation for his anti-freedom agenda — described by Soros as a “New World Order” that the mass-murdering Communist Chinese regime will “own” — to be perpetuated with his billions long after he meets his Maker.

Either way, the globalist establishment now has even more funds to wage war on America, liberty, the U.S. Constitution, humanity, gun rights, unborn babies, Christianity, morality, national sovereignty, self-government, conservatives, and other longtime targets of Soros and his minions. Indeed, Soros’ “philanthropic” outfit is now the second largest in the United States, behind the ideologically incestuous Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Without a surge in giving by conservative and liberty-minded donors, analysts say American patriots, conservatives, libertarians, and constitutionalists may find themselves on the losing end of even more political battles in the years ahead. Reports said Soros was expected to transfer billions more to his network in the years ahead.

News of Soros transferring most of his fortune to his foundation was first reported by the Wall Street Journal. Within hours, the news was making headlines worldwide. According to reports, the $18 billion represents more than three fourths of his total net worth, estimated at around $23 billion. It is one of the largest “transfers of wealth” ever made by a single person to a single foundation, the leftist New York Times reported. (Soros is intimately involved with his foundation.) For perspective, one analyst noted that the transfer was about the size of Afghanistan’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Another pointed out that $18 billion is about three times more than all spending by all political parties, in all races combined, during the 2016 election. In short, with an $18 billion war chest, Soros’ minions will be able to wreak a lot of havoc.

Even fellow globalist foundation bigwigs acknowledge that Soros’ network is the most powerful on the planet when it comes to influence. “There is no foundation in the world, including the Ford Foundation, that has had more impact around the world than the Open Society Foundations in the last two decades,” Darren Walker, president of the globalist, CIA-linked Ford Foundation, was quoted as saying by the globalist New York Times. “Because there is no part of the world that they have not been. Their footprint is deeper, wider and more impactful than any other social justice foundation in the world.” The term “social justice,” when used by establishment globalists and their propaganda organs, generally refers to globalism and Big Government.


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