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Engineer Creates that Device that Clarifies Baby Talk

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Little Oneby Deborah Danan, Jewish Journal

When Evgeni Machavariani’s son was born six years ago, his wife, Mary, was attuned to the baby’s needs from the get-go. “I was surprised and shocked that my wife understood each cry and knew exactly how to help him. It came to her intuitively,” he said. “I, too, wanted that superpower.”

So, Machavariani, an electrical engineer and physicist, researched if it was possible to distinguish between a baby’s different cries. Once he started down the rabbit hole, Machavariani realized the potential of what he had unearthed was limitless.

He recruited Shauli Gur Arieh, with whom he served for nearly a decade in the Israel Defense Forces’ military intelligence technology unit, and founded LittleOne.Care. Today, they are the CTO and CEO, respectively, of the company, which produces a wearable device for babies that provides real-time alerts that track a baby’s motions and sounds. The device (currently in beta testing with 50 babies) also gathers data for long-term artificial intelligence insights. Machavariani said his experience with motion sensors and navigational algorithms in the military were crucial to creating the technology for LittleOne.Care, but added, “If I wasn’t a father, I never would have thought of this.”

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