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Examining Mind Control by Big Tech/Mainstream Media

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Mind Controlby Susan Duclos, All News PipeLine

For decades the mainstream media has been manipulating the minds of their audience, to pay attention to what they highlight, telling those watching and/or listening what the media feels is important for them to focus on, while downplaying or completely ignoring anything that does not fit the liberal narrative the media wants to push.

That bias has been documented, and throughout the years the general public has slowly awakened to the manipulation, as can be seen in the tracking of trust in the media since the 1970s, where what was a high of 72 percent of public trust in the media in the late 70s, has dwindled to under 50 percent steadily by 2006.

For decades the liberal media has worked hand in hand with U.S. intelligence agencies, with notable scandals like Operation Mockingbird, where the CIA recruited journalists to promote their official narratives, quite literally pushing government propaganda in the minds of American citizens. Many who have reported on Operation Mockingbird always preface their descriptions with the word “allegedly,” because while declassified documentation acknowledges the practices, it was never “officially” confirmed to the public, therefore it has never “officially” been discontinued.

While many wave away Operation Mockingbird, implying it is all a “conspiracy theory,” congressional testimony from 1975, along with public statements by politicians, made it very clear that many in the media were (and still are!) on the CIA payroll to manipulate the American public.

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