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FAA Investigating Whether Drone Caused Traffic Fatality

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More than 80 Americans die in automobile collisions every day, and two weeks ago one of those deaths occurred in an accident in Hartford, Connecticut. The story would have been little more than a blip on local news programs but for one thing: The police spotted a drone flying around the accident.

With the FAA actively trying to determine how to regulate the civilian use of drones, everything about the accident then became news. But, as an indication of how little the public understands the issues related to drones, news reports got most of it wrong.

The FAA has opened an investigation into the use of the drone, local news reported and the agency confirmed for Singularity Hub. Several outlets reported that the inquiry was focused on whether the drone operator, Pedro Rivera, was filming for a local news agency (The station where he sometimes works, WFSB, says he was not). In other words, was Rivera a hobby operator or a commercial operator? And did the drone, which was circling a vehicle involved in the accident before the body was removed, violate the privacy of those involved by videoing the scene?

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