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Family Takes Child Conceived in Rape Away from Mother

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Mari and babyby Juda Meyers,

The horror of rape is bad enough. Society rails at the injustice of such a ravaging offense. But rarely does anyone consider the equally ravaging offense of taking a child conceive in rape from her mother. Such is the case of Mari in New Hampshire.

Mari contacted CHOICES4LIFE two years ago for emotional and financial support. She explained that when she had become pregnant after rape. Her family didn’t believe her and they wanted her to abort. Mari refused. This baby was hers not the rapist’s and she was going to give birth and raise her daughter. Like most who see the baby after birth the family fell in love with her as her mother has loved her from the beginning. Sadly her family for some reason didn’t want Mari to have her daughter and worked towards taking the daughter from her.

A year ago Mari was physically attacked by a family member and that person called the police. Mari for fear of losing her daughter panicked and plead guilty. She was in such distress over threats of losing her daughter that she was suicidal. She called me right before going to the hospital. There were witnesses that Mari had been the victim and not the attacker but Mari remained in fear and did not fight. CHOICES4LIFE offered to relocate Mari at the time when the issue had settled. Mari had not lost her daughter and she felt that she should stay near her family and work things out. “They’re my family,” she said and opted not to move.

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