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Federal Judge Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional

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by Mike Adams,

In a stunning ruling that’s sending shock waves across the nation, a federal judge has ruled that Obamacare — the deceptively named “Affordable Care Act” — violates the United States Constitution and must be dismantled.

“US District Judge Reed O’Connor in Fort Worth agreed with a coalition of Republican states led by Texas that he had to eviscerate the Affordable Care Act, the signature health-care overhaul by President Barack Obama, after Congress last year zeroed out a key provision — the tax penalty for not complying with the requirement to buy insurance,” reported Bloomberg.

The ruling immediately infuriated Democrats who believe that government has the right to force citizens to purchase insurance products they largely don’t want. The entire basis of the ACA is unconstitutional and was only passed because US Supreme Court Justice Roberts was coerced into declaring the Obamacare non-compliance penalties to be a “tax.” When the US Congress zeroed out that tax as part of a tax reform package, the entire justification for SCOTUS declaring the ACA to be constitutional evaporated.

As Bloomberg explains:

Texas and an alliance of 19 states argued to the judge that they’ve been harmed by an increase in the number of people on state-supported insurance rolls. They claimed that when Congress last year repealed the tax penalty for the so-called individual mandate, it eliminated the US Supreme Court’s rationale for finding the ACA constitutional in 2012. The Texas judge agreed.

Judge O’Conner, who issued the rule eviscerating Obamacare, explained the logic behind the ruling, saying, “Congress stated many times unequivocally — through enacted text signed by the president — that the individual mandate is ‘essential’ to the ACA… And this essentiality, the ACA’s text makes clear, means the mandate must work ‘together with the other provisions’ for the Act to function as intended.”

This means Obamacare has finally been put to death in a long-needed mercy killing.

President Trump celebrated the decision as “Great news for America!”

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