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‘Feminism’ May Lead to Violence Against Women — the Draft

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Female soldier by J.D. Heyes, News Target

Feminism began as a political movement in the turbulent 1960s to get women equal pay and treatment in the workplace, but it has arrived at a point that very likely horrifies and offends a great many American women today.

Namely, being so equal to men as to be required to register with the Selective Service System to be drafted into military service, should the nation face an emergency.

Men have been required to do so off and on since the founding of the nation, but women have never been forced to do so. Yet recently, after being directed to do so by President Obama, the military has opened all positions to women, including all combat positions. That immediately created a buzz among the Pentagon leaders (and not a few men around the country, in and out of uniform) to now require women to register for the draft as well. After all, equal is equal, right?

In recent testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee, top military leaders from the Army and Marine Corps said it will take as long as three years to fully integrate women into combat posts, adding that now women should also be required to register for the draft.

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