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Good Dead Pays Off for Street-Cleaning Teen

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Antonio Gwyn

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A story of a teenager from Buffalo, New York went viral after he decided to clean up his town’s streets that had been dirtied due to the ongoing protests.

Protests began after the unexplainable death of George Floyd at the hands of one very callous Minneapolis police officer, and America is still reeling from this grievous act. Aside from Floyd’s hometown, cities all throughout America have had citizens come up in mostly peaceful arms as they band together to call for change and reform to laws that allow law enforcers to put suspects in chokeholds, and other dangerous acts.

Unfortunately, some of those protests ended up as riots, creating tons of dirt and debris that littered many of the roads the protestors walked on. When 18 year-old Antonio Gwynn Jr. noticed all the trash left behind on the streets of his hometown in Buffalo, he decided to do something about it rather than wait around for others to clean it up. And he decided to do it all by himself too.

The high school student told CNN that he noticed Bailey Avenue was severely damaged. There was tons of glass and other debris that was caused by a number of violent clashes that had occurred on Sunday, June 7th, between local residents and the Buffalo police. And what prompted him to start cleaning was knowing that employees were going to need to get to work the next morning, and that couldn’t happen if the streets were full of wreckage and rubble.

It 2 AM when he decided to grab his broom, some trash bags, and start voluntarily cleaning up the street all on his own. For the next 10 hours, Gwynn worked to sweep up the mess. When other locals came out to start cleaning up the next morning, they saw that it was already done for them.

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