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Google Hopes to Fix Toronto by Building a ‘Smart’ City

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CN Tower in Toronto

Credit: Wladyslaw,, CC BY 3.0

by Ramona Pringle, CBC News

Google has its sights set on piloting its vision for the smart city of the future in Canada’s largest urban center. But its reasons for picking Toronto are not necessarily the ones we might first assume.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is eyeing Toronto for its foray into digital city-building. At first glance, it makes perfect sense. After all, Toronto is Canada’s largest city and Canada is having a moment right now. The city has a lot going for it: it’s a growing metropolis, a multicultural epicenter, and a new tech hotbed.

But to understand the real reason Google is eyeing Toronto, it’s important to look at their intent and take them at their word. Google says it wants to use technology to “fix” cities. Before news of the Toronto plans leaked, the company was said to be eyeing Detroit, a city of another era, now devastated by the fallout of a crumbling auto industry.

Through that lens, the allure of Toronto as a venue for piloting a vision shifts slightly. One of the greatest appeals for Google isn’t what Toronto has built, but what it hasn’t. Namely, the city’s under-developed industrial waterfront. Even if you’ve been to the city, you may not know that this part of the city even exists; with few businesses and fewer attractions, there’s little to bring people to the area, despite its proximity to both the city center and to stretches of Lake Ontario beach front. In other words, it is a 12-acre ghost town, inside of a growing, urban metropolis.

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