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Hospital Mistake Kills Over 60 Thousand a Year

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by Dr. Joseph Mercola,

Hospitals have become particularly notorious for spreading lethal infections. But a recent report suggests these deadly bacteria may have an accomplice: “medical apathy” may be a secret plague in today’s healthcare system.

A report on Vox1 reveals many hospitals are essentially ignoring rising rates of central line infections — which are often lethal — passing them off as “unavoidable medical risks.”

Millions of central line catheters are inserted each year. Because they run straight to the heart, central lines are the fastest, most effective method of delivering some medications, but they’re not without serious risks.

If bacteria manage to get into a central line, such as when a nurse changes a dressing or injects a medication, they can easily create a bloodstream infection. At best, these infections cause suffering for already-sick patients, and at worst they’re lethal.

The way many hospitals respond to their mistakes is as tragic as the mistakes themselves.

Hospitals tell victims’ families they’re not responsible for the sad but “inevitable complications” of these risky medical procedures. This might be a plausible explanation… except that a few hospitals have proven it false!

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