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House Hearings Demanded on Rioters’ Funding Sources

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Riotgsby Jess Mordock, The Washington Times

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee recently demanded hearings on the funding source of the racial justice protests and civil unrest that has spread across the nation.

In a letter to committee Chairman Jerrod Nadler, New York Democrat, the Republicans said failing to hold hearings on the matter is “an abdication of responsibility.”

“This committee has failed to engage substantial oversight of the forces behind these organized riots,” the Republicans wrote. “Instead, we have spent our limited time conducting partisan committee business that does not help us advance safety and prosperity for the American people.”

“We urge you to accept that Antifa and other domestic extremist groups pose a real threat to our communities and to call hearings to investigate the funding sources of these riots,” the letter continued.

Conservatives in recent weeks have begun questioning how the riots are funded and organized.

Some Republicans in Congress, including Ken Buck of Colorado, have previously demanded the Justice Department launch an investigation into rioters’ funding sources.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf told Fox News recently his agency is investigating the source of rioters’ funding.

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