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How Paris Attacks Are Pushing a Technocracy Solution

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Patrick Wood

Patrick Wood

by Patrick Wood, Technocracy News and Trends

The Islamic terrorist attacks on France will radically change the face of Europe forever, as citizens now demand protection and security over any semblance of freedom and liberty. This vacuum will be filled with irreversible technocratic governance.

The great Christian philosopher of the 20th century, Francis Schaeffer, concluded in 1978 that the world would ultimately be faced with three outcomes as a result of shifting world views:

  1. Hedonism – People would see pleasure and sensual self-indulgence as the highest good and principle aim of human life.
  2. Tyranny of the 51% – As decisions are demanded based on popular opinion, society would suffer from a mob rule mentality.
  3. Technocratic dictatorship – People would demand regulations and scientifically-enforced security to restore order to an otherwise increasingly chaotic world.

In fact, all three of these are clearly in play today.

As to hedonism, it was reported in Egypt that ISIS takes credit for Paris attacks in ‘capital of adultery and vice’. The attack on the Bataclan concert hall where an American rock bank was playing was that “hundreds of apostates were attending an adulterous party.” It is lost on the jihadists that murder ranks higher than adultery on the scale of human atrocities.

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