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How to Beat Hackers (Government and Other Kinds)

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Computer binary codeby Patrick Wood, Technocracy News and Trends

With pervasive and invasive surveillance all around us, it is not necessary for you to play the victim. While many simply throw up their hands and say there is no escape, others are taking concrete action to keep their personal and private data out of the belly of the beast.

Your communications and personal data belong to you and you alone. You wouldn’t allow anyone into your home to just snoop around, so why would you tolerate unauthorized government snatching of everything you say in messages, email or phone calls? And, if the government isn’t bad enough, hackers and other miscreants are waiting to steal your personal data every chance they get. It’s time to get smart and tough about this, and start taking responsibility for our own data security.

The sad fact of intrusive surveillance is that virtually everything you do on the Internet ends up in government hands. That is, every email, text, message or phone call, including the content from all social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden forever put this to rest with his now-verified revelations of massive NSA data collection efforts. The Electronic Frontier Association published a detailed timeline of NSA Spying on Americans.

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