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How We Do Meetings…

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Molong Nacuaby Molong Nacua,

I told a friend today that someone is here now with us from another island to do yahshab.

“What is yahshab?” He ask.

Yahshab is the Hebrew word for ‘dwell’ from Psalm 133:1- Behold how good and pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity.

It didn’t say ‘meet’ together in unity. But ‘dwell together, means live kingdom life together. The meaning in Hebrew is ‘sit together, stay together, a prolonged relationship not a quick meeting. “Dwell together” not “meet together once-twice a week.

This resonates Luke 10 in finding a ‘house of peace.’ Eat what they serve, ‘stay’ in that house and model the life of the kingdom. Then Acts 2&4 also follows resonates here: they live from house to house.

So, in applying this here we don’t do meetings like some house church who are stuck with meetings or bible study or Sunday service. We do ‘yahshab’ meetings. Disciples come to my house and sleep here for a day or two or three or even a week or a month and do things together. Gardening together, build toilet and houses together, paint a brother’s house, clean widows houses, serve the poor around like the girls cook food and Albert distribute it to the widows in our area. Or go to another community and find a house of peace, and heal the sick and cast out demons and preach the gospel and make disciples and baptize them.

And while they do it together with others, they talk about what they’ve read from the bible last night or this morning or from a book, or what’s their dreams last night, or have they heard from God for a sister’s situation? and other God-life situations of yesterdays and today’s and tomorrows. They converse God’s Word, mingle it into what they do. They show each other how to love and live the life of God that’s in them. They read together and prayers can happen anytime at a time you don’t expect!

Rather than do discipleship by ‘classes’ and ‘endless’ meetings by schedule, we do by life.

So, behold how good and how pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity.



© 2016 Molong Nacua, re-posted with permission

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