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Illegal ‘Charge’ of Unsocialized Homeschoolers Falls Flat

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Unsocialized homeschoolers

Credit: HSLDA

by Mike Donnelly, HSLDA

Amy’s voice was shaky when I called her one December evening after regular working hours.

It had been a typically busy day. In a single shift my legal assistant Jill and I often respond to dozens of requests for assistance from members in various states—and even across the world, since I serve as HSLDA’s director of global outreach.

What soon struck me as unusual, however, was the reason for Amy’s call earlier in the day. Our member stood accused of something I thought had been dismissed long ago as a tired homeschool myth.

It had started with a visit from a social worker. I know how unsettling social worker issues can be for many families. So we try to respond quickly to people calling with these kinds of crises. It’s also why we have a 24-hour hotline for member families facing legal emergencies.

Amy had been shocked by the visit. When the social worker requested an interview with her, she did have the presence of mind to ask the social worker to give her time to talk with her husband and her attorney before agreeing to the “next step” in the investigation. Amy immediately contacted HSLDA for advice on preparing for the interview that the social worker had scheduled for the next day.

“Amy,” I asked, “tell me: What are the allegations being made against your family?”

“Well, sir,” she replied, “when the social worker stopped by this afternoon I asked her what the accusations are, and she said: ‘Well, it looks like we’ve got a report here of unsocialized homeschoolers.’”

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