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It Didn’t Begin with Common Core

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Paul McGuireby Paul McGuire,

The average person is programmed from birth to think inside of a box. They live under the delusion that they are free and independent thinkers, but they are unable to perceive that their thoughts and beliefs have been manufactured on the cerebral assembly line of what I term the “Mind Factory.” Despite minor variations of “The Product,” their beliefs are pretty much the same as everyone else’s. In addition, the thoughts and beliefs of the average person have been carefully programmed so they will fit neatly into what Aldous Huxley called “The Scientific Dictatorship.” If you doubt the existence of this “Scientific Dictatorship” please keep reading.

The primary manner which is used to program people to think inside of the box is to dumb them down through social engineering, education, and media. Let’s compare the intellectual life of the father of the First Great Awakening, Jonathan Edwards (1668-1759), with the cultural, business, political, and religious leaders of today. Edwards, who had been home schooled, entered Yale College in 1716 at the age of thirteen. He aggressively studied theosophy, science, religion, history, and many other subjects. In his personal notebooks he wrote extensively on subjects like the human mind and atomic theory. Edwards graduated as the valedictorian of his class at Yale at the age of seventeen.

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