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Jewish Publisher Launches Campaign to Rescue Christians

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Lord Weidenfeldby Charles Gardner, ASSIST News Service

A prominent British Jew is taking the opportunity of the Syrian refugee crisis to repay Christians for the way they have helped his people.

Believing Islamic State to be more evil than the Nazis, publishing magnate Lord Weidenfeld, now 96, has set up a fund to help rescue Christian families caught up in the conflict.

After escaping from Vienna as Hitler drove his family from Austria in 1938, he found himself in London surviving on handouts.

In due time he founded the publishing house Weidenfeld & Nicolson, was made a peer of the realm, became a counselor to heads of state and even counted himself a friend of the Pope (John Paul II).

“And I owe all this to one act of Christian charity,” he wrote in a major article for The Mail on Sunday1. “In my time of greatest need, a family of evangelical Christians, Plymouth Brethren, took me in.”

It was a debt he believed he could never repay, but the time had now come to try. And with Christmas being a season of “goodwill to all men”, there was no better moment to speak out about the fund he had established “which unites the power of the Christian Church and Jewry to rescue Christians from Syria.”

Relying on Christian charity Barnabas Fund to deal with the logistics, his Jewish network will be raising money to help pay the bills.

“Christians saved me from the Nazis…now I must save them from an even greater evil” – The Mail on Sunday, December 20 2015.

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