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Judge Rules “No Fly List” is Unconstitutional

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by Paul Joseph Watson,

A judge has ruled that the US government must remove a Malaysian academic from the “No Fly” list, rendering the infamous policy unconstitutional.

Stanford University doctoral student Rahinah Ibrahim’s rights were violated when the federal government wrongly placed her on the list, according to US District Judge William Alsup, a ruling that could spell the beginning of the end for the onerous measure that has ensnared politicians, journalists and even 18 month-old children.

The Obama administration, which has resorted to dirty tricks in aggressively attempting to stall the trial at every turn, pressured the judge into sealing the ruling until April in an effort to prevent the full details from being released publicly. In other words, the feds don’t want the American people to know what a monumental fraud the “No Fly” list has been from the very start.

Why does the ruling matter?

Citing national security, the federal government has thus far refused to correct its list even if it’s known that people have been wrongly added. The ruling forces the feds to swear under oath that they will remove Ibrahim’s name from the list, setting a precedent for everyone else who has been unfairly targeted. The ruling also forces the government to tell people whether they are on the list or not, which it had also previously refused to do.

Because the government’s current administrative remedies don’t satisfy these functions, Judge Alsup has ruled them unconstitutional.

The “No Fly” list, created after the 9/11 attacks, currently contains the names of around 21,000 people. A secondary “Terror Watch List” contains over a million names.

As we have previously highlighted, CNN Investigative Correspondent Drew Griffin was added to the “No Fly” list after he filed a report critical of the TSA. In 2004, Senator Ted Kennedy was also told he could not fly because he had been placed on the list.

In 2012 it emerged that an 18 month old daughter of two New Jersey-born Americans of Middle Eastern descent was also added to the list.

The list has generated innumerable false positives which has led to widespread condemnation, especially given that the government has refused to amend its mistakes. All that is now set to change, unless of course the Obama administration resorts to more dirty tricks in an attempt to cover-up the true scale of the controversy.


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