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Keto Diet Fights Inflammation and Aids Metabolism

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Elderly coupleby Crystal Lauer, Health Impact News

With the prevalence of conditions associated with dysfunctional energy metabolism, the use of the ketogenic diet and ketone bodies as an efficient energy source has shown a remarkable therapeutic potential for a wide range of disorders, from cognitive health and neurological diseases to cancer and autoimmune issues, all of which have inflammation and/or a form of metabolic dysregulation in common.

In recent years, a significant amount of research done using the high-fat low-carb diet (HFLC) has centered around the neurological and brain-stabilizing benefits of using ketone bodies, rather than glucose, as fuel for the brain. The increasingly affirming results are leading researchers to wonder if burning ketones might lead to, not only a lighter population through the resulting weight loss, but also a happier and more productive one as well.

As Rudyard Kipling opined, it’s “funny how the new things are the old things.” And the Ketogenic Diet fits that bill perfectly, with its tenets based on an ancient practice utilized by most every culture and across species worldwide: fasting. The diet mimics the fasting state and places the body into ketosis, a metabolic state which forces the body to burn ketones rather than glucose for energy.

When there is an absence of dietary glucose, ketone body production is initiated, mainly by the mitochondria in the liver, through the breaking down of stored fatty acids into ketones which fuel the body more efficiently than their glucose counterpart.

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