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Kids Hurt as Christians Forced Out of Adoption Services

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Sad boyby Jonathon Van Maren,

In 2016, Mary Eberstadt’s short, powerful book It’s Dangerous to Believe: Religious Freedom and Its Enemies was released. It is a sweeping analysis, and details the cultural shift that has effectively reduced the once-Christian majority into an increasingly despised minority. To ascribe to the Christian worldview on sexuality, Eberstadt notes, is to invite the labels of bigot, homophobe, transphobe, or worse. And as a result, Christianity has lost the prestigious position it once held in the West. It has been effectively replaced with the totalitarian moral relativism of the Sexual Revolution.

Eberstadt also notes that this ongoing social purge has victims beyond the Christians themselves. As Christian charities, foster organizations, adoption agencies, and other groups find themselves the target of the thuggish LGBTQ activists who demand that they change their view of sexuality or be shut down, many are faced with an impossible choice: Abandon their principles, or be forced to abandon the people who in many cases have nowhere else to turn. Churches and individual Christians have traditionally done the vast majority of the heavy lifting in these areas, but the rainbow warriors are perfectly willing to see real people get hurt in their war on traditional values.

The latest example of this is a Catholic charity organization in Buffalo, New York, which has been forced to end the foster care and adoption services that it has run for years because they cannot comply with both the regulations that demand they be willing to place children with same-sex couples as well as the teachings of the Catholic Church. Currently, the program includes fifty-five certified foster homes, but the charity officials say they will have to figure out some way to transition these responsibilities to the state sometime in 2019. A Catholic organization can no longer govern itself by Catholic principles and stay in business. When it comes to adoption and foster services, Christians need not apply.

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