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Left of Center British MPs Endorse Sexual Discrimination Against Unborn Girls

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Abortion by genderby Steven Ertelt,

The British Parliament today defeated a measure by a Conservative MP designed to ban sex-selection abortions. The vote saw the Labor Party whip the vote and defend killing girl babies in abortions specifically because they’re girls.

Fiona Bruce, the Conservative MP for Congleton, Cheshire, put forward an amendment to Section 5 of the Serious Crime Bill which would have made sex-selection abortions illegal. MPs defeated her motion on a 292-201 vote after the Labor Party urged its members to vote against it.

Bruce decided to put forward the sex-selection abortion ban after newspaper reporters engaged in an undercover investigation and caught doctors offering sex-seletion abortions to women who didn’t want to give birth to girls. The British government ultimate refused to bring charges against the doctors, who are now facing private charges from pro-life advocates.
Before the vote, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) abortion business lobbied heavily against Bruce’s motion and claiming that stopping the abortions on girl babies is somehow sexist. British trade unions also urged MPs to vote against the sex-selection abortion ban, according to one report.

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