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Left Wing Media Falls for Fake Science Again

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Donald Trump American flagby Ethan Huff,

Back in March, the left-wing news website Vox made the brazen claim that hate crimes have supposedly increased by 226 percent in counties where Donald Trump held campaign rallies. But a pair of Ph.D. students from Harvard University recently debunked that claim, exposing the alleged “study” that was used to back it as being methodologically flawed.

As it turns out, the study that Vox cited was never even published. But the same methods that were used in this paper to peg Trump, if applied to Hillary Clinton instead, would have shown the exact same results.

In other words, the three professors who wrote the thing, from Texas A&M University and the University of North Texas created the results they wanted to see, which in no way reflect reality.

But that hasn’t stopped Democratic politicians like Bernie Sanders, for instance, from sharing the fake news study on Facebook, in which he included a blurb calling on President Trump to stop his “racist, hateful and anti-immigrant rhetoric” because it’s supposedly creating “a climate which emboldens violent extremists.”

Ilhan Omar of Somalia also cited the fake news study via her Twitter account, tweeting that President Trump’s “rhetoric is directly and indirectly inciting hate.”

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