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Media Hiding Mass Exodus from Democratic Party

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Sad donekyby Susan Duclos, All News PipeLine

The media is ignoring the continuing mass exodus from the Democrat party, which leaves it to the Independent Media to share their stories, and their reasons for running hard and fast from the party that has been taken over by radical liberal socialists.

The media doesn’t want people to realize how big this exodus has become because others may hear their stories and find they agree with those walking away.

Politics became much more fun to write about and to read about during the 2016 campaign for President, where the “Deplorables,” the nickname Hillary Clinton dubbed Trump supporters, ignored the establishment Republicans along with the liberal media and the so-called “conservative” NeverTrumpers, and brought Donald Trump from absolutely zero chance of winning the Republican primaries to becoming the GOP nominee, then being elected the President of the United States of America.

The interesting thing is that while Republican voters, whether Trump supporters or just conservatives willing to vote for him to prevent Hillary Clinton from being elected, may have bucked the system, took control, taught the Republican establishment and the liberal media a lesson in trying to force a candidate down our throats and/or lecture us on what is best for us, it was after the election that we saw “sane” Democrats start a mass exodus from the Democrat party.

People that discovered, after voting for Clinton, that they had been lied to by the media. People that discovered everything they had been told about Trump supporters being “deplorable,” and racists homophobes … was all lies.

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