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Medically Kidnapped Daughter Is Sexually Trafficked

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Medically Kidnapped, sexually traffickedThey were Chinese medical scholars continuing their education and careers in the US.

Yang Wang, who upon obtaining her US citizenship changed her name to Catherine Anderson (now Catherine Yang Wang Anderson) to have an easier name for Americans to pronounce, graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai, one of the top universities in China, and reportedly harder to gain entrance than Harvard University in the US.

Her husband, whose last name is also “Wang” but unrelated outside of marriage, graduated from one of the top medical schools in China, Capital Medical University in Beijing.

They obtained student visas to continue their education in the US. Catherine went on to obtain two Masters degrees, one as a Clinical Nurse Specialist from Maryland, and another one as a Family Nurse Practitioner from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Her husband obtained his Nebraska physician license when he started his residency in Creighton Medical School in the Pathology Department, and became the Chief resident and was retained as a faculty member at Creighton after his graduation.

Two beautiful daughters were born to them while residing in Nebraska. Both went on to become honor students in high school, ranking number 1 in their classes, following in their parents footsteps to achieve academic excellence and preparing for college at the age of 14.

Unbeknownst to them, tragically, they had settled in a part of the US that is known for one the largest child sex trafficking scandals ever uncovered and then buried in US history: the Franklin Cover-up story centered around Boys Town.

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