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Megachurch Pastor Turned Missionary Sees Healing Miracles

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Francis Chanby Steve Warren, CBN News

During a recent sermon given at a Moody Bible Institute conference, missionary and author Francis Chan told the audience that he and a team of other Christians had witnessed the miraculously healing of several people in a rural village located in Myanmar, including two deaf children.

The video of Chan’s entire sermon was posted online by the Moody Bible Institute.

Chan, the former teaching pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, California, was preaching at the conference earlier this month when he told a story about visiting a village that had no believers.

“At one point, we were in this village that had no believers, like zero. Not a single one,” he recalled. “And this lady had built a relationship with the head monk and the village leader and somehow was able to work out that we could go into the village.”

“My translator told me he had been in that area before and was chased out with knives and stones thrown at him, so he was terrified,” Chan continued. “But the entire village showed up, and I had the honor of sharing the Gospel through a translator, to be the first one to lay out the Gospel and explain that they had a Creator and explain that He had a son and explain what He did on the cross and the resurrection.”

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