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Missouri Governor Asked to Keep Pagan Statue off Capitol

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Sttue of Ceres

Credit: Bilgi Defteri/YouTube

by Heather Clark, Christian News

A Christian lawmaker in Missouri recently sent a letter to Governor Mike Parson to ask that he not reinstate a statue of the Roman goddess Ceres to the capitol dome. The statue had been removed last year to be cleaned and revitalized, a project that reportedly cost $400K.

“Governor Parson, you and I have placed our trust in the same Lord, the God of the Bible. As such, I appeal to your good judgment, as a follower of Jesus Christ, to direct the Capitol Commission to not return the false god Ceres, the Roman goddess, to the top of the Capitol dome,” Representative Mike Moon, R-Ash Grove, wrote. “We serve a mighty God and we have need for no other god(s).”

The Romans considered Ceres to be the goddess of agriculture, being responsible for providing the harvest each year. According to the pagan legend, she had a daughter with her brother, Jupiter, who was kidnapped by the god of the underworld to be his wife. While Ceres objected to the marriage, Jupiter allowed it, making Ceres angry and cursing the crops.

Jupiter thus tried to get his daughter back, but because she had eaten before her rescue, she was forever required to return to the underworld every winter. Mythology claims that this is why trees lose their leaves and plant life remains dormant until the spring.

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