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Missouri Replaces Common Core with Common Core

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Common Core logoby Alex Newman, New American

In a half-baked effort to placate an outraged citizenry, Missouri officials claimed to be “replacing” Common Core with supposedly “new” standards allegedly developed with local input. In the real world, however, the dumbed-down, Obama-backed national “education” standards were preserved largely intact, just under a new name, following a process that participants denounced as a “farce.” The federally decreed testing regime and data-gathering schemes will continue, too. Critics and those involved in the process were outraged by the “un-American” scheming. They vowed to keep fighting, saying it was time to “clip the wings” of the state education bureaucracy.

Of course, as this magazine has documented extensively, the people of Missouri are hardly the first in America to be victimized by such a brazen fraud. The same deceitful process used to keep Common Core in Missouri has been used in an effort to dupe parents and taxpayers in multiple other states where outrage over the controversial nationalization scheme boiled over. Indiana was perhaps the first, but essentially, every state that allegedly “repealed and replaced” Common Core has fallen victim to the scam. Even in states where Common Core was never formally approved, the standards are creeping in. But the deception, lies, and manipulation have not passed unnoticed.

In Missouri, one mother and activist leader who was appointed by lawmakers to serve on a working group for the “new” standards called the process a fraud, a farce, a hoax, and an outrage. “It was beautiful to see the people of Missouri rise up and scare lawmakers into action on this,” said Stacy Shore, one of the moms and leaders behind Missouri Moms Against Common Core, referring to the 2014 legislation demanding new standards to replace Common Core. “But then to see how the Goliath of the state education department put on a show and did everything possible to stop the will of the people and keep Common Core, it’s disgusting, it’s a farce.”

In a phone interview with The New American, Shore, who worked on the English Language Arts standards for grades 6 through 12, described her outrage and the sham process used to keep Common Core. “I can tell you from the very start, the process was completely corrupted by the state department of education,” she explained. “This was an absolute fraud. They just re-named Common Core. It’s not gone, it’s here more than ever, and they think it’s here to stay. All these politicians who act like we got rid of it, and they voted against it, no, they didn’t. The state board of ed just re-adopted common core. It was all a hoax.”

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