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Mr.Spock Will be Missed by Conservatives

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Spockby Pedro Gonzales, Western Journalism

The death of Leonard Nimoy is sad to many of us, but he was especially admired by political conservatives. The character he played on Star Trek, Mr. Spock, was a very rational, intelligent character who often came to the opposite conclusions of people around him (if you live in a liberal place or went to a liberal college, you can personally relate to this), but who used logic and common sense to figure things out. If you were to tell Spock there was global warming, he’d whip out his tricorder, take his own readings, and tell you you were wrong. If you described a society to Spock that invited strangers in and gave them unlimited welfare, Spock would clearly call such a society “illogical.”

Here are some more examples:

A Taste of Armageddon. A society lets a computer theoretically project disasters, and even casualties, and people designated as casualties voluntarily go into disintegration booths. This is a lot like the global warming scare we face today where data is manipulated to create a theoretical disaster and liberals say we have to punish ourselves based on these theoretical, false projections.

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