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Muslims Turning to Christ in Reaction to ISIS Atrocities

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Refugeesby Saikrupa Chandramouli, Christian Today

Christian aid workers have revealed that an increasing number of Kurdish Muslims are converting to Christianity after witnessing the violent, disturbing behaviour of extremist groups like ISIS, and the horrific acts they carry out in the name of Allah.

Speaking to Christian Aid Mission, a ministry leader in the Kurdish Region of Iraq revealed that the organisation he works with can barely keep up with the number of refugees eager to learn about Christ and the Bible. This number has skyrocketed steadily ever since ISIS overtook many parts of the region.

“They’re just sick of Islam,” he revealed. “People are very hungry to know about Christ, especially when they hear about miracles, healing, mercy and love. As terrifying and horrifying as ISIS is, they did us a great favor because they came and have shown them all the killing, saying that it’s all in the Koran verses. So now we don’t have to say much, we just say the truth.”

According to numbers released by the UN, the Kurdish Region of Iraq is presently hosting 900,000 refugees, out of which around 233,000 from Syria and the rest from elsewhere in Iraq.

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