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New Transparent Solar Panel Can Be Part of a Window

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Transparent solar panelby Alanna Ketler, Collective Evolution

Have you ever thought of how great it would be if all windows were able to conduct solar electricity? Well that fantasy might soon become reality, as a new transparent solar cell technology has been designed to harness the endless solar potential of building and car windows — even cell phones, and any other object with a transparent surface, for that matter.

I wrote about this technology a couple of years ago when it was still in its infancy, but now, scientists at Michigan State University have detailed in a paper published in the journal Nature Energy that these highly transparent solar panels could “nearly meet U.S. electricity demand” in just a few years and therefore reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

As associate professor of chemical engineering and materials science at MSU, Richard Lunt said in an interview with Newsweek, “We will see commercial products become available over the next few years. . . . We are just beginning to hit performance metrics that make sense to scale up.”

“Highly transparent solar cells represent the wave of the future for new solar applications,” Lunt continued. “We analyzed their potential and show that by harvesting only invisible light, these devices can provide a similar electricity-generation potential as rooftop solar while providing additional function


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