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No Seats at PSATs for Homeschoolers?

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No test for youby Dave Dentel, HSLDA

William Hansz, a homeschool high school junior, wants to take the PSAT exam this year to lay the groundwork for applying to college. The PSAT is also the primary way students qualify for the National Merit Scholarship.

“I’m looking at going to Clemson for science or engineering,” the teen said in a recent interview.

However, when William contacted the local public high school in Greenville County, South Carolina where he took the PSAT last year, he was told the COVID-19 pandemic had changed things.

“Because of social distancing,” his mother Bethany Hansz explained, “they said no outside students this year.”

Paige Smith, whose family lives in the same area, said she encountered similar difficulty when trying to register her two homeschool daughters for the PSAT.

“I tried the public high school that we are zoned for, and we were very quickly denied there,” she said.

Paige ultimately contacted 10 other private schools before finding one about an hour’s drive away that agreed to register her two daughters — 10th grade Addison and 9th grade Sarah Campbell — for the PSAT.

She added that she doesn’t think they were declined because schools had no remaining seats for the exam.

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