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Nursing Student Dismissed for Refusing to Lie for Vaccines

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Nichole Bruff

Credit: Nichole Bruff

by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News

In 2013, nursing student Nichole Bruff was dismissed from Baker College in Michigan for allegedly asking questions about the way her instructors were teaching nursing students how to coerce parents into receiving vaccines for their children, even if the children or parents did not want them. Nichole wondered why a patient’s right to choose or refuse a medical procedure was not being followed in administering vaccines. To her, this seemed to violate medical ethical issues she had been taught in nursing school, so she wanted clarification on why vaccines were different when it came to patient rights and ethics.

Is this not part of the American educational process, the right of students to question their instructors?

Shortly before she was due to graduate, she was dismissed from the school without warning, and with no recourse to appeal the dismissal. She soon found out that her dismissal prevented her from being accepted at other nursing schools. Nichole tells Health Impact News:

My dream of being a nurse practitioner of midwifery is gone.

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