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Parents Fight Back After Government Closes Christian School

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Cornerstone Christian Academyby Heather Clark, Christian News

A group comprised of parents whose children attend a Christian school in Alberta, Canada have gone to court seeking an injunction against a recent decision from board members of the local school division to shut down the academy. The school had been in a discussion with the division after officials asked them to keep “offensive” Scriptures out the classroom, a request that resulted in further breakdown as talks continued.

Global News reports that the Battle River Division voted on Thursday to close Cornerstone Christian Academy in Kingman after the school year ends next month. The academy is considered an alternative program under the public school system.

“I guess it was the unwillingness to work together for a communications protocol on how we communicate with each other and dealing with issues that arise,” Board Chair Kendall Severson told the outlet. “We can’t work together with an organization that’s got legal action against us, and not willing to come together and work on an agreement.”

 Severson is referring to a situation that began last year when the division approached the academy to request that officials remove 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 from the school’s student handbook.

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