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Pentagon ‘Loses’ $700 Million in Weapons

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Pentyagonby Shane Trejo, Liberty Conservative News

According to a report from the Defense Department inspector general, the Pentagon has lost a shocking $715.8 million in equipment and weapons in their fight against ISIS in the Middle East.

The shocking amount of waste was revealed due to an audit recently released to the public. The audit determined that officials working for the Special Operations Joint Task Force–Operation Inherent Resolve “did not maintain comprehensive lists of all equipment purchased and received” to help allies in Syria fight ISIS terrorists during the fiscal years of 2017 and 2018 because documentation was not properly accounted for in a centralized location.

Making matters worse, 1st Theater Sustainment Command officials “did not properly store or secure” the lost equipment and weapons according to the guidelines set out by the Pentagon. It was such a disaster that military officials “stored weapons outside in metal shipping containers, exposing the equipment to harsh environmental elements, such as heat and humidity.”

The bureaucratic gobbledygook within the report reads as follows: “Without accurate accountability records, such as inventory records and hand receipts, SOJTF-OIR personnel could order equipment that SOJTF-OIR already has in stock, risking unnecessary spending of CTEF-S funds and further overcrowding the BPC Kuwait warehouse resulting in equipment being stored outside.”

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