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Philadelphia Overtakes Phoenix for Child Removal

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Credit: Tony Fischer,, CC BY 2.0

by Brian Shilhavy, Medical Kidnap

For several years now Phoenix, Arizona has had the dubious distinction of being the #1 city in the U.S. for taking children away from their parents and placing them into state-funded foster care.

Phoenix judges and CPS workers have consistently taken children out of homes and families and put them into harm’s way at a higher percentage than any other city in the U.S. for the past several years.

Health Impact News started their website in 2014 due mainly to the sheer volume of parents contacting us from Arizona and complaining about their children being medically kidnapped.

However, based on public statistics compiled by the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform (NCCPR), Philadelphia has now overtaken Phoenix as the top city in the U.S. having the highest percentage of the children being removed from homes and put into foster care.

This means that families living in Philadelphia have the highest risk of losing their children to the State and placed into foster care, which we have documented here at Health Impact News as a broken system that trafficks children.

NCCPR reports that Philadelphia has become so bad, that they now take children away from parents at triple the rate of New York City, and quadruple the rate of Chicago.

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