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Planned Parenthood Sues Pro-Lifers for Using Their Own Truck

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Pro-life truckby Claire Chretien,

Planned Parenthood is suing Stanton Healthcare, a life-affirming women’s medical clinic, for parking its mobile unit on Stanton’s own property next to the abortion center. In an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews, Stanton Founder and CEO Brandi Swindell explained how this reveals Planned Parenthood’s true agenda of restricting women’s choices and promoting abortion.

“It’s one thing for us to watch Planned Parenthood participate in abortion,” said Swindell, a warm, energetic woman. “And then it’s one thing for it to go to the next level where they then force us to participate in it by taking our tax dollars to underwrite Planned Parenthood’s work. … That’s horrible.”

This lawsuit means “it goes to a whole other level, when they are now trying to prevent us from doing good,” said Swindell. “It’s a very serious lawsuit…people of faith [and] people of goodwill need to wake up to and say, ‘does Planned Parenthood really think they have the authority to bully us and prevent us from doing good?’ It’s a despicable thing.”

Planned Parenthood is taking two routes of legal action against Stanton. The abortion company is using a “technicality” to claim that Stanton is “in violation of the covenants of the complex” in which it’s located, and claiming that the life-affirming, state-of-the-art mobile unit is creating a “nuisance.”

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