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Planned Parenthood to Blame for Closing of Toys R US?

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Toys R Usby William Jasper, The New American

The Washington Post (of all places!) correctly notes that the toy giant’s demise can be traced to the global birth dearth, and even admits that, due to our aging population crisis, we will be seeing more similar repercussions.

“Toys R Us’s baby problem is everybody’s baby problem.” So declares the headline of a March 15th article by Andrew Van Dam in the Post regarding the toy giant’s announced plans to close up shop. The main reason for the company’s demise says Van Dam: not enough babies.

Friday, March 23rd, marks the first day of Toys R Us liquidation sales at many of the company’s stores nationwide, with the remainder of its 735 stores joining the close-out sales in the days ahead. Some financial analysts have attributed the company’s woes to “the death of brick-and-mortar syndrome,” which is to say competition from Amazon and other online sources. Others see corporate mismanagement and bad financial decisions as the cause of the Toys R Us bankruptcy.

“There are endless reasons a big-box toy store would collapse during a retail apocalypse — and Toys R Us acknowledged a number of them in its most recent annual filing: the teetering tower of debt incurred by its private-equity owners, competition from Amazon, Walmart and Target,” writes Van Dam. “They even wrung their hands about app stores, labor costs and potential tariffs raising the costs of the imported goods they sell.”

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