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Pluses and Minuses of Trump’s Religious Freedom Order

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President Trumpby Samuel Smith, The Christian Post

Much has been made about the executive order promoting religious liberty signed by President Donald Trump Thursday, leaving some prominent conservatives and religious freedom advocates disappointed while others are calling the order the most significant moment for religious liberty in decades.

Following the issuance of the executive order, the president received many praises from conservative leaders for proclaiming that his administration will “vigorously enforce federal law’s robust protections for religious freedom,” instructing the IRS to relax enforcement of the Johnson Amendment on churches and instructing the Department of Health and Human Services to “consider” giving exemptions to religious objectors to Obamacare’s controversial contraceptive mandate.

Not all conservatives were happy because the order was much more scaled back than a draft  order leaked to the press in February. Prominent conservative thinkers and religious freedom advocates like Robert P. George and Ryan Anderson expressed disappointment in the order. In a Facebook post, George proclaimed that the order does “nothing.”

Although the order doesn’t enact concrete relief for other religious freedom concerns facing Christian businessowners, military service members, Christian colleges, faith-based federal contractors and others, prominent legal experts on religious freedom told The Christian Post on Friday that the order should be celebrated because it establishes that the administration will “vigorously” protect religious freedom and instructs federal agencies to address religious liberty concerns caused by policies of the Obama administration.

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