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Poll: 73% of Americans Are Skeptical of Impeachment

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Surveyby Selwyn Duke, The New American

Many have heard of polls finding that most Americans, 51 percent in an October Fox News survey, want President Trump impeached. But a recent Monmouth poll casts doubt on this, showing that 73 percent of Americans have “very little or no confidence” in the impeachment process. Why is this poll so different? It’s simple:

Unlike the others, it doesn’t over-sample Democrats.

Rather, its sample was “29 percent Republican, 42 percent independent, 29 percent Democrat,” the National Sentinel reports. “It was 48 percent male and 52 percent female, which sounds right because nationally, there are more women than men.”

In reality, women were oversampled slightly, as they constitute 50.8 percent of our population. While this matters because Trump is notably less popular among women than men, Gallup data indicate that Monmouth also over-sampled Republicans slightly. That said, its sample is largely an accurate cross section of America, at least in terms of sex and party affiliation.

As for the results, a “full 73 percent of those surveyed have ‘very little or no confidence’ in the impeachment process — not exactly ‘majority’ support for the … drive to overturn the 2016 election results,” the Sentinel also reports.

“Only 24 percent said they had ‘a lot’ of confidence in the process, compared with 29 percent who had ‘a little’ and a large plurality of 44 percent who said they had ‘none,’” the site continues.

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