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Poll: Support for Abortion Dropping in Many Countries

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Fetusby Ryan Foley, The Christian Post

While an overwhelming majority of people in more than two dozen countries worldwide say they approve of women having legal access to abortion in some circumstances, support for terminating pregnancies is declining in many nations, according to a new survey conducted by Ipsos.

The poll, which surveyed more than 17,000 people in 25 countries from May 22nd to June 5th, found that support for abortion has decreased in most countries surveyed since Ipsos first began tracking the world’s attitudes about abortion in 2014.

Worldwide, support for abortion has dropped from 72% in 2014 to 70% in 2020.

The biggest drop in support for abortion was in Germany, where approval of abortion stood at 76% in 2020, down from 85% in 2014.

Sweden, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Hungary and Italy also saw support for abortion decrease since 2014. In all of the aforementioned countries, however, some 70% of respondents still expressed support for abortion.

The largest increase in support for abortion came in South Korea. In 2014, 59% of South Koreans supported abortion. That number rose dramatically to 79% in 2020.

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