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Punished for Giving Free Haircuts to Homeless?

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Free haircuts

Credit: Collective Evolution

by Alanna Ketler, Collective Evolution

You may recall the story of a young man named Juan Carlos Montesdeoca, a cosmetology student from Tucson, Arizona, who decided to give back to his community in an amazing way. In honour of his mother, who had lost her hair during cancer treatment, Montesdeoca decided that he would offer free haircuts to the homeless people in his city.

Who would have thought that this selfless act of kindness would come with the risk of destroying his future career in cosmetology before it even begins? A witness has filed a complaint with the state of Arizona’s Board of Cosmetology, alleging that Juan Carlos had been practicing cosmetology without a license issued by the state, which is technically true, since Juan Carlos has not yet completed his program.

This young good samaritan is now under investigation by the state on the grounds of “practicing without a license,” highlighting the absurdity of the government taking basic human rights, licensing them, and then selling them back to us. While I know the practice is meant to ensure quality and to prevent people from making a profit without first paying for their certification, in this instance, that doesn’t apply, since these haircuts were being donated for free.

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