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Scientists Make Creature that’s 96% Mouse, 4% Human

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This mouse-human chimera shows human cells (green) in a 17-day-old mouse embryo (blue) that are mostly red blood cells accumulated in the mouse’s liver.
Credit: © Zhixing Hu

by Danny Razor, The Mind Unleashed

Scientists at the University at Buffalo and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute have created a mouse that has 4 percent human cells, the most to date for any chimera created in a lab.

The team published their historic work in the journal Science Advances, expressing they had injected human stem cells into developing mouse embryos. As a result one of the newborn mice exhibited 4 percent human cells which the scientists stated was a “major advance” in science. This is because typically, human and animal cells don’t mix well together in a petri dish.

“It has not been possible to generate naïve [human stem cells] that substantially contribute to mouse embryos,” the scientists say in the paper’s abstract. Their work “may enable applications such as human organ generation in animals.”

Scientists infused young human stem cells (human induced pluripotent stem cells) into the mouse embryos and then let them develop for just the short period of two weeks. The researchers discovered evidence of human cells in the developing liver, brain, eyes, heart, blood, and bone marrow of the mouse’s embryo. Finally, the team examined the embryos’ DNA, finding that human cells accounted for between a low of 0.1 and a high of 4 percent of developing tissues.

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