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Scottish Chapels Removing Crosses to Avoid Offending

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Chapel with crossby Stoyan Zaimov, The Christian Post

A Scottish government report has revealed that Christian crosses are being removed inside chapels during funeral services so as to not be offensive to atheists and non-Christians.

The Scottish Inspector of Crematoria revealed in the July 20th report on practices and issues surrounding funerals services in the country that there are concerns over the “lack of inclusive space” for people not of the Christian faith.

“There have also been concerns raised over the presence of Christian religious symbols, particularly the ‘cross’ in chapels and gardens of remembrance. There have been a number of occasions where at the request of applicants steps have been taken (where practical) to remove or conceal the cross (in chapel) for the duration of the service,” the report explained.

It added that there has been discussion with the Humanist Society Scotland to address these concerns. The atheistic group has argued that its 15,000 members, along with other non-Christians in the country, feel that their beliefs are being left “open to discrimination” due to the presence of religious symbols in chapels when family members don’t want to see them.

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