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Sesame Street Exposes Kids to Opiate Crisis

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  Seseme Street troubled muppetThere’s nothing that says happy childhood more than Sesame Street and everything that the show stands for. Not only is it one of the longest-running children’s television shows in the United States, but characters like Elmo, Big Bird and Snuffleupagus are names that you just can’t seem to forget, right?

The show has managed to fill both households and hearts with love and laughter, sometimes tackling issues that are extra difficult for kids to deal with but doing it just the same. They’ve recently added a new character to their usual roster, and adorable little green puppet with bright yellow hair named Karli. And what makes Elmo’s cute friend extra special is that she has a mommy that’s addicted to opiates.

Karli’s character on the show will talk about the way her mom’s opiates addiction has affected their family on their new edition of their online community resource initiatives. She also explains how her mom’s addiction has landed her in foster care as well. The show’s creators were inspired to talk about this topic precisely because millions of children live this precise type of reality in the United States, where their parents and other loved ones are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and they have no resources where they can learn how to cope with these problems.

According to Senior Vice President for US Social Impact at Sesame Workshop, Dr. Jeanette Betancourt, she explained in an interview that there are at least 5.7 million children under the age of 11 that happen to live with at least one parent that’s struggling with some type of addiction.

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